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GlobalX assembled an experienced core team with over 180 years of combined airline startup and operational experience.


Ed Wegel Headshot

Ed Wegel

Chairman & CEO/ Founder

Ryan Goepel Headshot

Ryan Goepel

Executive Vice President - CFO

Mark Salvador Headshot

Mark Salvador

Chief Marketing Officer

119 Team

Juan Nunez Headshot

Juan Nuñez

Chief Operating Officer

George M. Hambrick Headshot

George M. Hambrick

Vice President & Director of Safety

Julio Berard Headshot

Markus Schleich

Director of Maintenance

Julio Abreu Headshot

Julio Abreu

Chief Inspector

Widey De Armas Headshot

Widey de Armas

Manager Flight Training

Hector Crocket Headshot

Hector Crocker

Chief Pilot

Non-Management Board Members

T. Allen McArtor Headshot

T. Allan McArtor

John Quelch Headshot

John Quelch

Alan Bird Headshot

Alan Bird

Joseph DaGrosa, jr. Headshot

Joseph DaGrosa, Jr.

Deborah Robinson Headshot

Deborah Robinson

Zygimanta Surintas Headshot

Zygimanta Surintas

Bill Shuster Headshot

Bill Shuster

Cordia Harrington Headshot

Cordia Harrington

David Ross Headshot

David Ross