The Vision

the Vision

The Global platform has been designed to be scalable across multiple geographic and operational sectors, and intends to:

  • Become the leading US charter Airline, certified US 121 Flag and Supplemental.

  • Develop both narrowbody (A320) and after sustained profitability, widebody (A330) capability.

  • Airbus-centric - leading technology and lowest cost of operation.

  • Provide both passenger and cargo capability, and create strategic alliances and partnerships with world class airlines and cargo companies.

  • Create a major base operation at MIA with an 80,000 sf hangar complex, and a training center with full motion simulators and training devices.

  • Operate worldwide for airlines, tour operators, leasing companies and other industry stakeholders.

  • Place orders for new A320 NEO and A330 NEO aircraft for deliveries starting mid-2020s.

Future Facility

Future Facility